Additional Resources

Here is a list of additional study materials to take your Sorani Kurdish to the next level!

The Growing Participator Approach (GPA) – A language learning method based primarily on listening to and practicing a language. Languages are spoken by people, not by books. This method focuses on interacting with the language community and its speakers rather than studying through a grammar book. – A fairly extensive online dictionary for translating between Sorani, Kurmanji, and English.

Memrise Page – Memrise is an online learning site, with a huge catalogue of learning resources. This is a course on the basics of Sorani.

Field Support “Survival Kit” – List of some Sorani vocabulary words and phrases, with audio.

My Nest in Kurdistan – A group blog about Kurdistan in general, with lists of reading references. Gives interesting insight into Kurdish culture and history.

A History of the Kurdish Language – For those who are interested in the roots of the Kurdish language. Includes articles about the history of Kurdish language and other cultural information. Use the search option to find what you are specifically interested in.

Kurdish Academy of Language – Kurdish site created by Kurdish specialists. Includes links to many forms of information about many varieties of Kurdish.

Kurdistanica – A database of information on Kurdistan.

Omniglot – A variety of information and resources on Kurdish Language.

Poetry Center – Gives biographies of Kurdish poets, downloadable .pdf’s of poems, links to readings of Kurdish (and other) poetry, etc.