Keyboard and Fonts

On an Android Smartphone

There are a few apps that will allow you to type in the Kurdish alphabet. Below you will find links to a couple of different apps on the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you could search on Google Play for “Kurdish Keyboard” and pick an app with a high rating.

KurdKey Keyboard

Kurdish KeyBoard | ته‌خته‌كلیلی كوردی

On an Apple iPhone

If your iPhone supports iOS 13 or higher, Sorani is natively supported in the OS, so it is as simple as enabling it in your device settings. Please follow the instructions below. However, if you are running an older version of iOS (12.4.7 or older), you will need to download an app. KurdTap is recommended for older iPhones.

Open device “Settings”

Select “General”

Select “Keyboard”

Select “Keyboards”

Select “Add New Keyboard”

And finally, select “Kurdish, Sorani” from the list

On a Windows 10 computer

Follow these steps from Bayan University (BNU) in Erbil:

1. Go to the Windows 10 Control Panel

2. Go to “Clock, Language, and Region” Settings

3. Click on “Language”

4. Click on the “Add a Language” option

5. Select “Central Kurdish” under the listing and then click “Add”

6. Click the “Options” button

7. Click on “Download and install language pack”

8. Wait for the download to finish and then close the window

9. Click the “Option” button again

10. Click “Add an input method”

11. Select “Kurdish Keyboard Layout” and then click “Add”

12. Click “Save”

13. You will see Kur (کور) in your Keyboard and Language panel in the lower right corner of your screen.

On an Apple computer
  1. Open System Preferences

  1. Click on “Keyboard”
  1. Click on the “Input Sources” tab
  1. Click on the plus + symbol
  1. Type “Kurdish” in the search box.
  1. Select “Sorani Kurdish” under “Central Kurdish”
  1. Click “Add”
  1. Verify that Sorani Kurdish is now in the list.
  1. In your Task Bar you can see your current active keyboard.
  1. You can now switch to the Sorani Keyboard whenever you would like.